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Best Tablets 2014 - 2015

The best tablets of 2014-2015 list has absolutely no surprises on it. Apple is the stand out as always in the full size tablet market, the best in the mini market is the Google Nexus 7 inch but for the most part Apple, Samsung, Kindle all lead the way.


The good news is that tablets have made leaps in bounds in the processing department so they are quicker than ever. Most brands have also improved their screens so that the picture is sharper clearer than before.

The bad news is that prices have remained pretty steady since last year. Kindle is the only one that has bumped their pricing down. The rest of the manufacturers have managed to keep their pricing pretty steady but and it is a big but they have no reduced their prices by much.

The laptop market has seen steady price reductions over the last several years. Many manufacturers have made cheaper models to meet the demand of the market but their tablets are not budging in price yet.

Apple Ipad

No best tablet list would be complete without talking about the Apple Ipad 4. Apple just beats the competition by leaps and bounds when it comes to tablet computing. It is the industry leader that every other manufacturer competes with.

The 4th generation IPAD has Retina display which is literally crystal clear. The AX5 processor is super fast and literally can not be beat by any of the competitors at this time. The cost hovers around $550 if you grab it on sale which makes it one of the most expensive tablets. The old saying rings true in this case “you pay for what you get!”

The Surface

The Surface while not able to knock Apple out of the ring is certainly one of the best tablets of 2014. The Surface is a hybrid made by Microsoft. It has all the capabilities of a laptop once you snap on the keyboard and the convenience of a tablet. It is new and it may be the one to knock Apple out of the top slot.

It is a little pricey which may keep consumers away for a while until they can get the pricing under control at almost $700 a lot of people can not get past the cost.

Best Value

The Kindle Fire HDX is a great tablet for the price! Under $200 at most retail outlets! It offers access to the google play store which means you can load many of the apps that you want and need. The Kindle has come a long way from an E reader and there latest and greatest easily makes the best tablets of 2014 list.

There are other tablets that are worth mentioning like the Google Nexus 10 (its 7 inch sister takes the category of Best mini tablets of 2014), the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

The best tablets of 2014-2015 are plentiful! Unless you are really dependent on your tablet for work or school any of the above have the potential to satisfy your tablet needs. Just do a little price comparison to make sure you are getting a great deal.


















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